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Omega Ronin Retro 1984 Miami T-Shirt

Omega Ronin Retro 1984 Miami T-Shirt

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Official Omega Ronin Synthwave Band T-Shirt from the Publisher

12 Colors to choose from inspired by the 1980s.

The year is 1984 and you're racing through the streets in your white Lamborghini Jalpa. The smooth, futuristic sounds of Omega Ronin synthwave blast through your speakers. Neon lights reflect off the windshield as you break 190 miles per hour in a crowded residential area. You look good in your shades and your sleek Omega Ronin t-shirt. 

You exit your vehicle to bust some perps, grab a street taco, and hit the club for a night of dancing. Your Omega Ronin t-shirt compliments your style and sophistication. People notice you. The night loves you. You're surrounded by the synthwave stylings of future synthwave from the 80s.
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